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H.A. Tenney and Company, Inc. has recently relocated its Houston offices.

Please make note of the new address, phone and fax numbers in your records.



H.A. Tenney and Company, Inc.

18935 Freeport Drive
Montgomery, Texas 77356

Phone: 281.350.1200

Fax: 281.350.0101

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About Us

H. A. Tenney & Company, Inc. has been in business since 1963 serving the serving chemical processing, refining and manufacturing plants throughout Texas, Louisiana, Arkansas and Oklahoma.

For over 40 years we have been offering quality products and services to our customers. By integrating technologies, products and services, H. A. Tenney & Company, Inc. has been able to offer total solutions.

Our overall experience in Air Pollution Control, Sulfuric Acid applications, Chlorine and energy related installations, is unsurpassed with hundreds of installations in Texas, Louisiana, Oklahoma and Arkansas.

Our company is located in the Houston area and we have been serving the chemical processing, refining & related industries in this area for over 40 years

H. A. Tenney & Company, Inc. not only offers quality industrial equipment and products designed and developed by quality proven manufacturers, but they also provide engineering and system analyses to ensure the right solution to your problems.

Currently, our product line includes:

High efficiency Brink® Fiber Bed Mist Eliminators, Mesh pads, Regenerative Thermal Oxidizers (RTO), ZeCor Alloy Towers for Sulfuric Acid Service, ZeCor Alloy Piping, MondiTMPiping for Sulfuric Acid service, Ceramic Tower Packing, Acid Coolers, Sulfuric Acid Catalyst Products, Wet Electrostatic Precipitators (Wet ESP), Dry Electrostatic Precipitators (Dry ESP).

For Solid separation from Liquid streams we have Disc Filters, Cross Flow Filtration, Pan Filters, Drum Filters, Sperry Filter Presses and replacement parts and filters.


    Brink Mist Eliminators
    Jensen Mixers
    ZeCorTM Stainless Steel
    Mondi Piping
    Sulfuric Acid Catalyst
    Air Preheaters
    Metalworking Oil Mist
    Ceramic Tower Packing
    Acid Plant Damper Valves
    Specialty Damper Valves
    Gate Valves
    Open Channel
    Acid Plant Tower
     and Converter Internals

    Lewis Pumps
    Catalyst Support Media, XStone
      Inert Ceramic Balls
    FRP fabrication
    Dual Laminant
    Troy Dualam, Inc.
    Team Industries
    Fabricated Vessels
    Pipe Fabrication (Steel)



H.A. Tenney welcomes the opportunity to use our training and expertise to serve you and your company.

If you have questions or would like detailed information on any of the products we sell or service, contact us anytime.


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