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H.A. Tenney and Company, Inc.

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MECS Brink Mist Eliminators Quality • Service • Technology:

MECS developed the fiber bed mist eliminator in 1960. We continue to be the leader in improved products which utilize the latest technology. MECS welcomes the opportunity to investigate and recommend solutions to any air pollution problem.

Systems are in operation throughout the world which incorporate Brink technology to meet a variety of diverse needs. Brink Mist Eliminator products offer longer service life resulting in lower plant maintenance and operating costs.

Formation of Mists:
Small mist particles (tiny particles of liquid or dissolved solids suspended in a stream of gas) are an inevitable product of many manufacturing processes. Within a process, these particles can cause problems such as corrosion of equipment, contamination of product, fouling of heat exchangers and catalysts, and damage to instruments.

When released to the atmosphere, these mist particles can cause violations of air pollution emission standards or of opacity regulations.

Mist can form in manufacturing processes in three different ways:
  • Mechanical forces break up or "atomize" a liquid to form a mist.
  • Cooling of a gas stream may result in the condensation of vapor to form a mist.
  • Chemical reaction of two or more gases may take place at temperatures and pressures where the reaction products are mists.

  • Mechanical forces typically create mist with large particles while particles formed by condensation and chemical reactions are usually small (submicron).

    MECS Brink® Mist Eliminators are designed to remove virtually any type of mist from any gas stream. Brink Mist Eliminators excel at collecting the very difficult to remove submicron size mist particles from gas streams.

    MECS also offers complete package systems to control emissions from oleum and asphalt storage and loading operations; and from asphalt saturator, textile finishing and plasticizer coating operations. Packaged systems are available for collecting oil from turbine lube oil reservoir vents and oil/coolant from metalworking operations like machining.

    We look forward to the opportunity to work with you to solve your mist related problem. If you have questions or would like detailed information on Brink® Mist Eliminators contact us anytime at 281.350.1200.


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           Mist Eliminators

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H.A. Tenney welcomes the opportunity to use our training and expertise to serve you and your company.

If you have questions or would like detailed information on any of the products we sell or service, contact us anytime.


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