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H.A. Tenney and Company, Inc. has recently relocated its Houston offices.

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H.A. Tenney and Company, Inc.

15299 Lake Lamond Rd.
Conroe, Tx 77384

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Acid Piping Technology specializes in engineered products for the sulfuric acid industry. They maintain a large inventory of the various size saddles and supports for routine or emergency requirements.

APT's ceramic products are made of chemical porcelain which provides superior performance in sulfuric acid plants to products made of chemical stoneware. Chemical porcelain has excellent chemical resistance, high mechanical strength, low iron content and low porosity. Our ceramic products are produced by China's leading ceramics factory to our specifications.

Our products are the highest quality and include 1/2", 3/4", 1", 1-1/2", 2" and 3" saddles, 6" cross partition rings and grid block supports. They have provided low pressure drop reduced breakage and high efficiency performance in many drying and absorbing towers since 1994. APT ceramic products provide any gears of excellent performance in acid plant service.

Saddles are installed randomly in a tower or scrubber for efficient performance and good liquid distribution. The saddles have round edges to resist chipping and insure long service life.

Ceramic Supports
Our cross partition rings of chemical porcelain are four cell and are used to support the packing saddles above the support beams or self-supporting dome. These rings are 6" diameter (152 mm) by 6" high (152 mm).

For shipment, these rings are packed in cardboard cartons with 8 pieces per carton. APT grid blocks of chemical porcelain are two cell and used to support the packing saddles above the support bars.

These blocks are 8-1/2" long X 5-3/4" wide X 3-1/2" high (216 mm X 146 mm X 89mm). For shipment, these blocks are packed in cardboard cartons with 4 pieces per carton.


    Brink Mist Eliminators
    Jensen Mixers
    ZeCorTM Stainless Steel
    Mondi Piping
    Sulfuric Acid Catalyst
    Air Preheaters
    Metalworking Oil Mist
    Ceramic Tower Packing
    Acid Plant Damper Valves
    Specialty Damper Valves
    Gate Valves
    Open Channel
    Acid Plant Tower
     and Converter Internals

    Lewis Pumps
    Catalyst Support Media, HiDur
      Inert Ceramic Balls
    FRP fabrication
    Dual Laminant
    Troy Dualam, Inc.
    Team Industries
    Fabricated Vessels
    Pipe Fabrication (Steel)



H.A. Tenney welcomes the opportunity to use our training and expertise to serve you and your company.

If you have questions or would like detailed information on any of the products we sell or service, contact us anytime.


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