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Jensen Series 400 Mixers are heavy duty, belt driven units designed for long life and trouble free operation. Jensen Mixers hang directly on your tank's manway (only). No need for additional equipment such as tie rods and/or a base (unlike our competition). Jensen Mixers' short shaft design (which is supported both at the front and rear of the shaft) provides for vibration-free service. This ensures a long life to the mixer's mechanical seal, gearbox, bearings etc. Only Jensen Mixer provides you with a (mixer) propeller custom pitched for your application. Jensen Mixer has well over 15,000 mixers in service today. Go with Jensen and get unequaled experience, time proven designs that out-perform and out-last all of our competitors.

Standard Features Include:
  • Shaft and wear sleeve - Stainless Steel
  • Lock ring, lock bushing, & seal housing - 316 Stainless Steel
  • Drive Yoke - 356-T6 Aluminum
  • Propeller- Cast Carbon Steel
  • O Rings - Viton "A"

Jensen Mixers Series 400

Belt Driven Side Entry Mixer for Sediment Control and Blending Applications
The innovative design of the Jensen 400 Series Mixer allows for low maintenance operation and constant belt alignment resulting in reduced maintenance costs and higher productivity in all applications. The rugged belt drive train in the Series 400 Mixers is designed for long life and maximum reliability. Recent advances in belt technology have largely eliminated the need for frequent belt inspection and adjustment.
  • Low maintenance operation
  • Low Noise Design
  • Reduces Maintenance Costs
The exclusive Jensen Pitch-Adjusted propeller is a highly efficient, three blade, marine type propeller precision set and permanently fixed at our factory to assure superior mixing performance in each individual application.
  • The dependable prop Jensen design relies on 55 years of proven performance.
  • The Powerful energy distribution creates predictable flow patterns and efficient temperature uniformity over a large area.
  • Low energy requirements reduces overall costs
The Jensen Mechanical Seal is an integral part of every Series 400 Mixer and is designed for long life at low cost. Materials of construction were especially selected to suite petroleum applications.
  • Long lasting design with options available
  • Standard Carbon vs. NiResist or SiC
  • TC vs. SiC for more abrasive surfaces
  • Tungsten Carbide inner tube seal provides dependable low maintenance operation
The three sizes in this series are shown in the table below. For petroleum services. Maximum horse power 50 & belt driven.
MODEL 420 450 480
HORSEPOWER (MAX.) 10 30 60
SHAFT R.P.M. 433 440 427
CRITICAL SPEED* 2,360 RPM 1,960 RPM 2,520 RPM


Series 400 Fixed Angle for Blending Application
Series 400 Vari-Angle for Cleaning Applications
Defining your requirements and selecting the right mixer to do the job is most important. Jensen offers a mixer specifically tailored to every need.
Mixer applications can be separated into two categories:
  1. BLENDING - Mixing two or more fluids. Select the Jensen Model 400 Fixed-Angle Mixer.
  2. CLEANING - Removing sediment accumulations from tank bottoms. Select the Jensen Model 400-VA Vari-Angle Mixer.

In cases where both services are required, the Vari-Angle should be selected.

Jensen process recommendations are fully guaranteed. Jensen mixers are guaranteed against defects for 12 months.



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H.A. Tenney welcomes the opportunity to use our training and expertise to serve you and your company.

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