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MECS Brink Mist Eliminators Quality • Service • Technology:

Turbine Lube Oil Vent Package
MECS offers a fully engineered package system to control the oil mists vented to the atmosphere from lube oil reservoirs. These mists are created by large high speed rotating equipment such as turbines and compressors using recirculated oil for lubricating and cooling the bearings.

The mechanical forces generate small particles and the high temperatures cause the lubricating oil to vaporize. The vapors condense into small particles upon cooling, forming the "blue haze" that exhausts from the reservoir vent.

In addition to being an air pollutant, this oil mist coats the surrounding area causing safety and housekeeping problems. The Turbine Lube Oil Vent Package uses MECS Brownian diffusion type fiber bed elements to collect the very small particles.

Depending on the design, 98-99.9% of even the submicron particles are captured. This captured oil may be recycled back to the reservoir. Fiber bed mist eliminators are self-draining and will operate for years without replacement.

We look forward to the opportunity to work with you to solve your mist related problem. If you have questions or would like detailed information on Brink® Mist Eliminators contact us anytime at 281.350.1200.


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H.A. Tenney welcomes the opportunity to use our training and expertise to serve you and your company.

If you have questions or would like detailed information on any of the products we sell or service, contact us anytime.


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